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“The courage it takes to share your story might be the very thing someone else needs to open their heart to hope.”  ~Unknown

I have had the privilege of benefitting from Rachel’s exquisite skills as both a QiGong movement leader and healer. I have experienced many movement leaders and she is my favorite. Her instruction is clear and informative and expressed with a patience and love that informs each session. No matter how I felt before a session, I always felt significantly better after. 


Over a year ago, I fell and hurt my back, and subsequently had severe sciatica pain, not able to sit without extreme pain. I sought out Rachel for a series of healing sessions and with her help I was able to heal much faster than I expected. Within weeks I could sit without pain, and now I am back to where I was before my fall. During our sessions I could feel the energy moving in my body and felt wonderful. Rachel, I am eternally grateful for your unconditionally loving help. My world is better for your being in it.



Rachel entered my life with her Qigong practice (which I had never even heard of) six years ago as I was facing a severe health crisis. Although I had total trust in who Rachel was as a beautiful soul I wasn't confident that any type of energy work was appropriate for me...I was in an emotional state of being that clouded my ability to hope for improvement. After just a couple of months I couldn't deny my deep connection with Rachel as a healer..after sessions I would share what I had experienced and it was EXACTLY what she had focused on. I am thankful for the gift of healing....breathing and learning how to be the presence I want to be. My hope is for others to share this experience.


As a fellow Spring Forest Qigong Healer, Rachel and I have often traded healing sessions - and it is always pure joy to experience the dedication and depth of her work. She blends her completely heart-based wisdom and compassion with a genuine desire to give her best every time. 


I first benefited from Rachel’s healing practice about 5 years ago, when I was in the midst of a physical and emotional crisis. My adrenals were exhausted from the stress, but I soon experienced a calming of my nervous system. At the end of each healing session, Rachel would share one of the Five Element movements of Spring Forest Qigong. Then when she began her in-person practice group I participated regularly in her class, and continued going deeper into a consistent Qigong practice with Rachel’s teaching. Not surprisingly I began sleeping better.  


When the COVID lockdown occurred, Rachel moved her Qigong practice group to Zoom twice a week. My ongoing participation in her group and home practice of the movements is the single most important factor in my navigating the pandemic in a state of optimum health and well-being. Rachel’s calm demeanor, soothing voice, clear explanations, and gentle guidance through each class deepened my Qigong practice and contributed to my overall wellness.  Her passion for Qigong combined with her innate healing energy continues to be a gift in my life. I remain thankful for Rachel’s generous spirit. Spring Forest Qigong has enriched me physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and it will remain a lifelong practice no matter how old I am.


There are soo many healing stories out of our healing group of which YOU are big part of. The most profound for me personally was a year ago January and I discovered I had shingles. Not a very large rash area but the nerve pain on one particular late night was fairly, actually really intense and I could not sleep. I reached out to our Group Me Healers late in the evening and thankfully saw one healer had picked up the request. I was so happy to have the support as I know distance healing works! Within a few minutes my body was soaked in sweat and the pain subsided and I was able to sleep. I did not experience any severe pain after that. Thank you Rachael for your commitment to SFQ and your dedication to our group and healing the world! 


I’ve found your practice sessions to ground me for the rest of the day and help maintain my weekly practice better. There have been a few times where I was stressed out and even sick but felt much better after practice. I remember one time when I had a headache and almost didn’t attend and decided to go anyway. My headache- that I had for a while- cleared up during practice. There have been other times when I had a problem to fix, and the solution to how to repair something came during the practice. I’m very thankful for the group and the support. I love the simplicity and how exact each movement and sound is- step by step. I always feel lighter, more peaceful and joyful when I attend your practice. Thank you for sharing your heart centered energy.


I have experienced healing sessions on two separate occasions with Rachel…It was a feeling, a positive shift in how I felt…I was most appreciative of this warm, truly comforting and wonderful experience. 


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