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Together Qigong Beach Sun



With each other, in harmony

Life force energy, breath, vitality


To work with, to practice, to cultivate

Ignite your body's natural healing power with live weekly group qigong practice and energy healing

Rachel Pollard
Founder, Together Qigong

Together Qigong is for you if...

  • You seek to activate body's natural healing power and elevate your overall well-being.​​
  • ​You are ready to experience relief from pain, fatigue, and stress while revitalizing your energy for the things you love.
  • ​You would like to stay in sync with the natural flow of life while feeling empowered, hopeful and confident as you navigate health challenges.
  • ​​​You would like to find simple and efficient ways to enhance your self-care routine in a way that is easily integrated into daily life. 
  • ​You would like to create moments of clarity and feeling refreshed and energized.
  • ​You would like a partner and community beside you on your path to healing and wellness.​​​



Together Qigong specializes in regular qigong practice and healing meditations rooted in Spring Forest Qigong.

Join Together Qigong and get access to a variety of live 30 minute events each month:

Practice Together

Live qigong practice with a focus on Spring Forest Qigong healing movements. 2x/week 

Healing Community

Access to the Together Qigong Healing Community where we support each other and share healing stories. 

Heal Together

Live healing meditations that combine the power of Spring Forest Qigong meditations with group energy healing support by Rachel. 3x/week 

Video Replays

Access to Practice Together and Learn Together video replays for you to practice anytime, anywhere.

Learn Together

Live monthly Spring Forest Qigong topics, tips or Q&A to further your practice and embody healing wisdom.  1x/month  

Individual Session Discount

25% Discount on Individual Sessions (1:1)

What Together Qigong members are saying  

“After just a couple of months I couldn't deny my deep connection with Rachel as a healer ..after sessions I would share what I had experienced and it was EXACTLY what she had focused on.”
- DK

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